Love is a Choice - Letting go of Unhealthy Relationships

CoDependency . . . What is it?

Some people have no idea what issues or thoughts make them so desperate. Others have identified their pain, but need to learn how to get through it. Many of us share common unhealthy behaviors and feelings of hopelessness, each person has been through a set of unique experiences that have led to these problems.  We are humans created in God's image. Let's face unhealthy behaviors going on in your life and become healthy in our thinking.

Are you codependent?

If you can check 2 or more you have codependent issues that are worth looking at.

  • I can't stand to be alone.
  • I am driven by approval of others.
  • I find myself making decisions based on how they will affect others and rarely consider myself.
  • I find myself adjusting to my spouses needs rather than communicating my feelings.
  • I am constantly wondering what others think of me.
  • I cover up my feelings so others won't realize what I really think.
  • When I begin to feel sad or angry I go shopping, work harder or eat.
  • I need to control those close to me.

Common traits of Co-Dependents . . .

  • Driven by 1 or more compulsions.
  • Tormented by the way things were in the family of origin.
  • Low self esteem
  • Happiness hinges on others
  • Feels inordinately responsible for others
  • With spouse an unstable lack of balance between independent and dependent
  • Master of denial
  • Keeps trying to change things they cannot change




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