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2010 Mission Trip to Ecuador


When Janet Wolfe went to Ecuador in 2010 for a mission's trip,  little did she know the doors the Lord would open for her and her dedicated outreach for women.  Janet was allowed to tour and preach to the women in the Cuenca, Ecuador prison. 

Read Janet's Letter From Her 2011 Ecuador Visit


Why is YOUR Support Needed?

Our Cuenca Ecuador team donates $1000 for new sewing machines for the women's prison in Cuenca Ecuador.

Recently the women's prison in Cuenca Ecuador had changed the Voices of Hope team visitation day to a day they did not have transportation. so an expensive Taxi was all they could use to get there and home again.  Grow has donated a "year's" worth of taxi fees so the team can keep going to the prison. Praise the Lord for this Local donor, Lois Montgomery...thank you Lois God bless you! 

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The provisions the prison provides these women inmates is meager and falls far short of an individual's basic needs. Each woman is provided:

  • only two (2) meals per day

  • a bed and,

  • nothing else!

Everything else the women need MUST be provided by someone else on the outside of the prison.  Many of these women have their children living with them in the prison.  These women still only receive 2 meals per day and must share those with their children; many who are babies.

 GROW ministries is now working with Local missionaries to send funds to help these women in need.  These funds will be used to purchase such things as:

  • toilet paper (they get none otherwise)

  • bar soap (they have none otherwise)

  • diapers (for those who have their children in prison with them - otherwise they have none)

  • Spanish books/Bibles.

In Cuenca Ecuador the government has built a brand new women's prison. Entering the prison is much stricter than it use to be. Our team in Cuenca had to receive brand new papers and permission to enter the new prison. Approval was just given at the end of 2014. Out team of volunteers, trained by Grow, now can continue to minister each week. Our team is the only Christian team entering and sharing the gospel in that prison! A new project for 2015 is a sewing center for the ladies to sew clothing etc. Grow ministries purchased 4 brand new sewing machines for the prison to complete that project. Now the women can sell the items they sew and help themselves and their families.

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